We have NEW Class options! Our MDG Owner, Jackie, has a message regarding Classes and the Studio!

What's NEW?

We now have three options for being able to access Classes to ensure that you or you child don't miss out on your learning. Consistency is the key, so we've made it easy to be able to learn in your own time with pre-recorded classes! Find a good time and click play to be guided through lessons!

The three options available for learning are:

 1. Pre-recorded Learning via Google Classroom

Learn at your own pace, on your own time! Pause, rewind, and play at any point in the lesson to revise essential Grading Level information! 

2. Joining our LIVE Classes on Zoom

Held every Tuesday & Thursday, register your request to join our Live Lessons by messaging Jackie on 0412 889 348 and receive a direct link to Zoom! You will need a device with access to the internet like a Laptop, iPad, Phone or TV so that we can interact and observe you during the Live Lesson!

3. One-on-one Private Lessons

Held on Tuesdays & Thursdays, book your private lesson slot by messaging Jackie on 0412 889 348.

Please note, we are abiding by both current Level 3 restrictions being that no more than one instructor and one student may be present together in any given training space, as well as maintaining our strict hygiene management procedures including regular sanitization and observing social distancing rules.

Access Codes will be sent to all Members via email !


Current Timetable

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