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Located in Narellan just minutes from the Town Centre, MDG offers Classes in Martial Arts & Fitness, Parkour & Stunts, Gymnastics & Dance, and more! We cater for all ages and ability levels, including those with developmental or sensory disorders.

When you become a part of MDG, you become family!

MDG is all about fun, friendships and team building support! Our Coaches engage members on a personal level and make them feel welcome the moment they step on to the matts. Team building is a big aspect of our teachings in which students are taught the value of working together and to look out for one another, just like family!

Our training centre offers a lot of amenities for members including:

A private, enclosed Car Park and ample street parking

Bathroom & Member Storage facilities, including waiting area for downtime with friends between lessons!

A covered waiting area with a mounted TV that displays the main training area so that you can watch your child train and;

A spacious main training area that boasts a large variety of equipment listed below!




MDG teaches the traditional Martial Art style of Kung Fu & Wu Shu!

Our spacious training floor offers the facility and use of a vast amount of equipment to ensure you get the most out of your training.

Our main training area is completely lined with rubber mat flooring and displays a huge full length wall mirror to ensure correct form when training. Equipment used in lessons includes Kick Shields & Focus Mitts, traditional Chinese Weapons, Crash Mats, Punching Bags, Fitness & Training equipment, and more!



A high adrenaline Sport that requires precision foot work and landing skills needs the right equipment for training. We have a large range of equipment utilised to simulate an outdoor Parkour based environment. Students will have access too: 


Main training area completely lined with rubber mat flooring, multiple Crash Mats & Gymnastics Mats, Airtrack Mats, Parkour Vault Boxes, Mini Tramps, Olympic Size Trampoline, and more



MDG offers recreational based Gymnastics that follows a level system!

All classes are non-competitive but work on a level system to ensure all students get the opportunity to constantly progress their skills!


Gymnastics students have access to:

Main training area completely lined with rubber mat flooring, multiple Crash Mats & Gymnastics Mats (wedges, boxes & supports), Mini-Tramps, Olympic size trampoline, Rings, Bars, Beam, Silks & Lyra!

Dance at MDG is recreation based (with the option for competition such as Eisteddfods) and offers individual styles or 'mashup' classes which are a creative combination of styles. Our Dance Room offers a full length wall mirror for form and placement control, adequate floor space and suitable flooring for large movement routines, sound system and props. 



MDG Studio (or Murray's Martial Arts - previously known as Kwon So Dow & Macarthur Martial Arts) is the longest running martial arts school in the Region, having been established in the area in 1970 under the ownership of Master Sigung Henry Murray.


Murray's, originally taught by Master Sigung Henry Murray & Sifu Joan Murray, specialising in the art of Kung Fu & Traditional weapons, has set a professional & traditional high standard reputation within the martial arts world. For over 45 years, Murrays has held its high standard in making outstanding black belts through both physical & mental changes in many of our student's lives.


In 2006, Murrays expanded with the help of Master Sigung Henry Murray's Daughter, Sifu Jackie Murray, who has introduced Mixed Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Personal Fitness Training, and much more to the mix! Over the years, Murray's has produced world title holders, many champions & lots more place holders in many Martial Arts Tournaments.


The Murray family have all been traditionally trained and raised, having spent many years of their lives in China training within temples in the disciplines of Kung Fu & Wu Shu! The Murray family also own and operated multiple Martial Arts Centres in NSW.


MDG Studio often perform at many local & special events and also hold a huge End of Year Show where students from all fields of our studio come together for a huge performance showcasing demonstrations of Martial Arts & Gymnastics!




Jackie Murray is a highly skilled & experienced Martial Artist, Gymnast, Dancer & Stunt Woman. She is also the owner of MDG Studio.


Having spent her life studying & training in many Martial Arts styles in locations across the world such as Hong Kong, America & Australia, Jackie has developed an extensive skill set in Kung Fu, Wu Shu, Tai Chi, Jiu Jitsu, Karate and Muay Thai/Kickboxing; inclusive of Martial arts Weaponry and extended skills in Gymnastics. She is also a nationally recognised

Level 1 Gymnastics Australia Coach.


Jackie has shown incredible promise as a Film/TV Stuntwoman and is nicknamed in the Industry as the 'Girl on Fire' for tackling Full Body Burns in Multiple Jobs. She has a love of Fire, Car Knock downs, Fight Scenes, Car Rolls, Motor Bikes & more. 


Jackie has doubled many types of actors from Kids to adults.

She has traveled around the world and is very willing and eager to keep traveling for the love and incredible experiences of her job.

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