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Parkour (AKA 'Freerunning) is the utilisation of one's surroundings to reach a given destination in the shortest distance.

This includes traversing the environment; performing a series of vaults, leaps, rolls & landings with a modernised twist

that now includes flips.

Featured in many great action movies, Parkour has become the new craze for the young generation eager to learn the skills of many

well known Traceurs (the term given to Parkour Athletes).

Parkour at MDG is run within our completely controlled training center boasting a large floor space lined with rubber

jigsaw matting, foam runway, and a variety of equipment utilised to simulate an outdoor Parkour based environment so that students always learn the techniques safely.

As a requirement of learning Parkour at MDG, students are also taught the basic foundation of Gymnastics to ensure that they have a controlled base to work and build from. As Parkour is quite an adrenaline sport, developing a Gymnastics base ensures that students can perform the moves confidently and exercise correct body control. Fitness is also introduced to lessons to improve stamina.

Stunt Actor Classes at MDG are designed for those who wish to learn the ins & outs of Stunt Work for Film & TV. Run by Industry experts with years (and counting) of professional experience, you develop the tools of the trade to sell hits, falls, crashes, wrecks and more for camera!

Safe execution is paramount to us at MDG as unlike other classes, Stunts are designed to look explosive. Students will have access to a large range of industry approved equipment to carry out their manoeuvres. Become accreedited and work in film & TV 

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