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MDG Gymnastics utilises a level system to progress students whereby each level increases with more advanced exercises to ensure students are always being challenged to their full potential. Classes teach students the core foundation of Gymnastics to provide them with a base to build upon to develop the technique required to pull-off aerials, inverted maneuvers and other flips.

Students are always instructed on how to correctly perform a move, spotted during the process, and given access to a large variety of equipment to ensure they remain safe at all times on the training floor.

Students have access to the below for use in their lessons:

  • Large Training floor space lined with rubber jigsaw mats & a foam runway

  • A large variety of crash & saftey mat padding, including foam wedges

  • Olympic size trampoline, mini tramps & Airtrack Matts

  • Box, Beam, Bars & Rings

Classes also include a mixture of fitness based activities as well to develop strength and endurance.

Our Gymnastics classes are all recreational, meaning that there is no competitive edge and students can learn at a comfortable pace (although we do encourage students to sometimes step out of this comfort zone to ensure that they get the full benefit of training).

Students always begin from a base foundation that includes basic movements designed to teach correct body control before they progress toward more advanced maneuvers.


Dance Classes at MDG include the styles of Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary and Mashup (a creative combination class) and are split in to Junior and Senior Levels. Classes are non-competitive however we do offer the oppourtunity to attend competitive events uchs as Eisteddfods. MDG attends regular community events in which Dance performances are featured.

Our Dance Room offers a full length wall mirror for form and placement control, adequate floor space and suitable flooring for large movement routines, sound system and props. 

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