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MDG teaches the traditional Chinese Martial Art styles of Kung Fu & Wu Shu.


Kung Fu incoorporates a lot of self defense principles, weight manipulation & distribution, and animal systems all instructed through a comprehensive grading syllabus. Alongside this, Classes are structured to include traditional weaponry, sparring drills and sessions, and Martial Arts fitness training. The versatility of classes means they are kept fresh and unique so you are always learning and developing new skills!

Wu Shu directly translates to 'military art'. It is a system that utilises a complex combination of quick & sharp movements, whilst retaining a contolled and positioned flow to exercise movements. It is extremely utilitarian of the entire body.

Students have access to the following equipment for use within their lessons: large training floor lined with rubber jigsaw mat flooring, kick shields, thai pads, focus mitts, traditional weapons, rubber guns & knives, and a large variety of fitness equipment.

MDG Martial Arts Classes are suitable for all ages from 2 years plus, and cater for all ability levels. Take on one of our Free Trial Lessons to get started!



MDG teaches the use of Traditional Chinese & Japanese weaponry, as well as street weapon defense.

Weaponry is taught through our comprehensive grading syallabus, whereby skills are developed and enhanced upon progression through belt levels, as well as in regular class sessions. Students are taught the basics of the weapon, before progressing on to advanced maneuvers, strikes and defensive combinations. Street weapon defense is also exercised in lessons including defense against knives, hardened objects (baseball bat, etc) and guns. MDG also teaches extreme weaponry which is a Martial Arts performance art whereby students utlise specially designed weapons to demonstrate complex and exciting maneveurs in a showcase or tournament setting, it is not a combat art. MDG does offer Sword Combat however.

Traditonal Weaponry offered at MDG includes: Bo (Long Pole), Eskrima (Short Sticks), Sai, Shinai, Tai Chi Sword, Broadsword, Nunchaku, Spear, and Hook (Moon) Swords.



Tai Chi is a Martial Art practiced for both it's self defense & health benefits. It is widely studied all over the world.

The style utilises a combination of slow and controlled movements aligned with breathing techniques.

There are three main aspects to Tai Chi: Martial Art, Meditation & Health.

Martial Art refers to the self defense aspect, the study of appropriate change to outside opposing forces.

Meditation refers to the focus and calmness cultivated by the meditative aspect of Tai Chi, achieivng a good state of mental health.

Health refers to relieving the physical effects of stress on the body and mind. Many doctors have recommended Tai Chi as a way to treat physical impairments, injury repair, age factors, mental health, and for it's general wellbeing health effects.

Tai Chi has become a widely practiced art for all the benefits it offers to all ability levels.

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