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MDG Studio is available for hire to individuals & groups, fitness training groups, and Film/TV Production Companies.

The Center provides the below available to be included in packages catering to your needs!

  • Large training floor space lined with rubber jigsaw matting

  • Ample Crash & Safety Mats and Padding

  • Martial Arts Equipment including: Kick Shields, Focus Mits, Punching Bags, Thai Pads, and break-a-way boards. As well as weapons including: Bo, Eskrima, Sai, Nunchaku, Broadsword, Tai Chi Sword, Spear, Hook (Moon) Swords, Shinai and rubber Training Guns & Knives

  • Gymnastics Equipment Including: Olympic Trampoline, Mini Tramps, Springboard, Rings, Bars, Foam Runway, Wedges & Vault Box

  • Fitness Equipment including: 10m Climbing Rope, Battle Rope, Skipping Ropes, Resistance Bands, Medicine Balls, Kettle Bells, Free Weights & Exercise Balls

  • Stunt Training including: use of above equipment, prop guns & knives, rigging attachements & capabilities for wire work & jerkbacks, high falls, and body padding.

The Center is fully self contained & equipped with facilites including private parking, bathroom, storage and cafe offering hot & cold drinks & food, and snacks. The Center is also monitored by 24-hour video surveillance.

If you are interested in hiring MDG Studio, please call or text Jackie on 0412 889 348 and she will assist you in organising a hire package suited to your needs !

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